Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marty Sklar's Window Dedication!!!

I've never been to Disneyland in time to be at the gate when it opened. So when I was able to be there, inside the park, before the 
gates opened and any guests entered the park it was awesome.

I was there because it was Marty Sklar's Window dedication. Who's Marty Sklar and what's a window dedication? Well let me tell you...

Marty Sklar started his career at Disneyland before the park opened. He was hired for the Disneyland News, a 1890's themed newspaper. He moved up in the ranks and became responsible for most of the park's publicity and marketing materials.

In 1961, he became part of WED Enterprises, where he spent the rest of his career. Among the attractions he helped to design during this period were The Enchanted Tiki Room and It's a Small World, the latter originally for the World's Fair. For nearly 10 years, he wrote personal materials for Walt Disney for use in publ
ications, television and special films. In 1974 he became vice president of concepts/planning, and guided the creative development of EPCOT Center (now known as Epcot) at Florida's Walt Disney World Resort.

As vice president of creative development, executive vice president and then president of Imagineering for nine years, Sklar supervised the design and construction of Tokyo Disneyland, the Disney-MGM Studios, Disneyland Paris, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's California Adventure, Tokyo DisneySea, the Walt Disney Studios Park and most recently Hong Kong Disneyland.

Yesterday he retired and in celebration he received a window on Main Street. This is basically the same as the hand and foot prints in Hollywood.

I got there about 7:15 or and waited. Around til about 7:35 when Mickey and his friends come out of the fire station followed by a fire truck with Marty in the back seat. He took his seat then the President of the Disneyland Resort talked followed by one of Marty's friends. He told a few stories. The one most memorable was about a car he bought and how it would always break down. He ask Marty to follow him to the dealer where he would try to get it fixed once and for all. Unfortunately, the car couldn't even make it to the dealer. He pulled over, opened the hood and the car went up in flames.

A city worker went by and had a radio and called the fire department. The fire department was there but Marty was not. He looked around and out he came from the orange grove. It turned out with all the excitement Marty decided it was time to relieve himself. He add that that grove soon died.

Then Marty himself went up and talked about the how much of an honer it is.

He sat down then suddenly random people in the audience broke out in song and were all soon up front singing the Sherman Brother's classic "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow". All in all it was worth getting up early for.

Congrats Marty and Happy 54th Disneyland.

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