Sunday, August 16, 2009

NEW BLOG!!!.....soon

Now i know I've talked about different blogs I will have especially since I've given a prologue for a Feature Animation prologue but that's not gonna be the next blog. Next is gonna be the first video blog about The Disney Afternoon. I have some more filming and editing to do but its well on its way.

Also wanna talk a little about my future projects.

Harbor Point - Will be a video series talking about the highs and lows of The Walt Disney Company.

The Series Series - Will be a video series about Sagas that are so popular they transcend mediums (Movies, TV, Video Games, Comics, etc.).

It's So Bad It's Good - about movie that are so poorly made that they are funny and enjoyable to watch (i.e. - Troll 2)

Top 10, Bottom 5 - a top ten list that also looks at the worst that subject has to offer as well.

Untitled commercial retrospective

iRiffs - where i do a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style commentary on movies and tv shows.

and more to come.

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